Martinelli—Serif typeface I’m in the process of developing. Coming soon.



Montréal Conférence Typographique Brand Identity
In an depth brand design project, including a series of posters, a brochure with a fold out poster, and a booklet with keynote speaker information.


Colony Collapse Disorder
A very short motion graphic documentary that explains the worldwide drop in honeybee populations, known as Colony Collapse Disorder. 


Journey to Brown: Information Visualization
For 10 days, I documented every little detail in my commute from my dorm to MICA’s Brown Center. Everything from steps taken to the number of pigeons I crossed paths with.


Fed Hill: Baby’s First Typeface
Over summer 2016, I set out to create my own typeface that I could potentially use for my own branding. It was created on paper first, then digitally with Illustrator and FontForge.


Visualizing Stephen King’s The Stand
Over the course of summer 2016, I read one of Stephen King’s longest books, The Stand. Little did I know that the plot would become one of my first motion graphics!


Incred-a-bowl Rebranding: High School Capstone Project
With art direction from my mentors at Millennium Marketing Solutions, my high school senior capstone project was a comprehensive rebranding of a family fun center. 


Vocational School Branding Concept
Playful illustration merged with typography for a set of business cards and a school store flyer in this late high school brand concept.


Baltimore Skyline Illustration
A quick, material design exercise from the viewpoint of Baltimore’s Federal Hill Park.


Breaking the fourth wall, design page: user will be able to click a cover photo of the project with a title and short description underneath. This will take them to a dedicated page about the project.