Drawing: Final

For my last final, I decided to create 3 drawings of architecture around Baltimore. These are 3 “highlights” of my favorite running route. They are all done on 18×18 paper with charcoal.

Downtown looking up, used reference photo.
The skyline from Fed Hill, my favorite spot. I sketched the shapes of the buildings on location then shaded back home.
Pretty apartment buildings in Mount Vernon. I also sketched this one out on location and added value back at MICA.

These were really well received by my professor and class. However, there were more students who wished the word “Baltimore” was not on the second drawing than students who liked it there. In the end I have to agree with them. I only included it because if I were to draw that area, it would just be a parking lot and volley ball quart. The professor mentioned that to remedy this, I could have just cropped that part out and had the middle drawing a rectangle instead of a square.

Proud Kevin with 25+ hours worth of work.

Electronic Media & Culture: Final

For our EMAC final, we were to create a looping, 2-minute video about our reactions to MICA and Baltimore. Our final videos would all be projection-mapped onto the wall of the stairs outside of Falvey Hall (large auditorium). Projection mapping is when an image can be projected onto a specific object or surface, without having a black rectangle everywhere else. I had a lot of fun walking around filming campus and the city, specifically highlights of my favorite running route. You can watch my full video below.

Below you see can how all our projects were projected on the paneling of the stairs outside Falvey Hall. It’s hard to capture on a camera, but it looked really cool from the top balcony – it looked like it was coming from under the stairs.



Here is a gif of all the videos playing. It was really cool to see all the first perspectives of college and the local area. There wasn’t any sound, which would have made it even cooler.


Unfortunately mine was the exact place I was hoping it would not be, the upper middle part that is squashed into a triangle. Oh well! The video itself turned out great though.


Painting: Final

I can’t believe the semester is over, which means I’m finished painting forever. Although I wasn’t interested with painting at first, I ended up really enjoying the class and realizing that I am actually a good painter. The class has been really useful in terms of learning to use color effectively and strategically, something I can use once I get into Graphic Design.

For my painting final, I decided to create 2 paintings of homes in the local Bolton Hill area. They are 12×18 on canvas pad, with acrylic paint. I’m calling it the “Park Ave.” series, because both of these paintings are set 1 block from each other on Park Avenue near my dorm.

Park Ave. – Row houses
Park Ave. – Beethoven
IMG_1699 (1).jpg
Proud Kevin with 20+ hours worth of work.

Overall, I am so thrilled with how these turned out. To think that I had never truly painted before this class… can’t wait to see where I go from here.


Elements of Visual Thinking: Final

For my Elements of Visual Thinking class, we could decide what we wanted to do for our final project of the semester. I decided I wanted to do another sculpture. In the local area, there is always a ton of trash on the ground. I decided to make a sculpture, with trash that I found on the ground around campus. The final sculpture is of earth, with the continents made of wrappers and the ocean made of a large blue plastic bag.

The original plan was to have it hanging from fishing wire, but when I went to set it up the morning of the critique, the rusty hook on the ceiling sawed the string in half! Luckily, I had a plan if this were to happen – I would make it a performance piece as well by holding it. I brought some left over trash and a glove to hold the string.

Overall, it was a success! My professor (and myself) thinks it was a more personal and better choice to hold it rather than hang it. I think the message comes through clear. Of course I use plenty of things that come in a plastic bag, but the project was mostly about those that decide to throw their trash on the ground instead of a trashcan.

Me during the performance. Inside of the hollow sculpture made of paper maché, there was a dim, flickering LED candle.
Close up of the sculpture, held by my roommate.
Other side. North and South America.

Figure Drawing – Ink

We used a LOT of paper this class… Lots of gestures and then a few 20 minute drawings. These were done with India Ink, so it is kind of a drawing-painting hybrid.

We had pages and pages of these, I just decided to add this one in particular.

Adding a little more detail…

Note the use of the dark “blob” on the right side. It creates a sense of light within the figure.

These last few were 20 minutes each. I’m not a fan of ink drawing!







Split Self – Self Portrait

Split Self – Large Self-Portrait

This one was a LOT of work but it turned out great. The one on the right doesn’t look as much like me and the one on the left, but as a whole they still look like twins. The figure on the left is supposed to represent my “care-free” side, and the one on the right is supposed to represent my “business” graphic designer side.

It was completed with charcoal pencil, and is roughly 30 in. by 34 in.


Here was the photo I used to draw it (Just posting because it’s funny!)
Here is one of my practice self-portraits.