Elements of Visual Thinking: Final

For my Elements of Visual Thinking class, we could decide what we wanted to do for our final project of the semester. I decided I wanted to do another sculpture. In the local area, there is always a ton of trash on the ground. I decided to make a sculpture, with trash that I found on the ground around campus. The final sculpture is of earth, with the continents made of wrappers and the ocean made of a large blue plastic bag.

The original plan was to have it hanging from fishing wire, but when I went to set it up the morning of the critique, the rusty hook on the ceiling sawed the string in half! Luckily, I had a plan if this were to happen – I would make it a performance piece as well by holding it. I brought some left over trash and a glove to hold the string.

Overall, it was a success! My professor (and myself) thinks it was a more personal and better choice to hold it rather than hang it. I think the message comes through clear. Of course I use plenty of things that come in a plastic bag, but the project was mostly about those that decide to throw their trash on the ground instead of a trashcan.

Me during the performance. Inside of the hollow sculpture made of paper maché, there was a dim, flickering LED candle.
Close up of the sculpture, held by my roommate.
Other side. North and South America.

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