Electronic Media & Culture: Final

For our EMAC final, we were to create a looping, 2-minute video about our reactions to MICA and Baltimore. Our final videos would all be projection-mapped onto the wall of the stairs outside of Falvey Hall (large auditorium). Projection mapping is when an image can be projected onto a specific object or surface, without having a black rectangle everywhere else. I had a lot of fun walking around filming campus and the city, specifically highlights of my favorite running route. You can watch my full video below.

Below you see can how all our projects were projected on the paneling of the stairs outside Falvey Hall. It’s hard to capture on a camera, but it looked really cool from the top balcony – it looked like it was coming from under the stairs.



Here is a gif of all the videos playing. It was really cool to see all the first perspectives of college and the local area. There wasn’t any sound, which would have made it even cooler.


Unfortunately mine was the exact place I was hoping it would not be, the upper middle part that is squashed into a triangle. Oh well! The video itself turned out great though.


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