Drawing: Class Portraits

Class is back in session! We picked up right were we left off and did portraits of 6 other students in the class. The professor set up small tables down a line with chairs on both sides, and we sat across from someone. One person would model and the other would draw, then we would switch. We had 12 minutes to draw. After both people at the table had drawn each other, we would move one seat to the right and repeat the process 5 more times. Here are the 6 portraits I drew:

This and the one below it looked most like the real person


This one looked the least like the actual person


After we finished, we organized them on the wall so all the portraits of the same person were hung around each other. Many people chose to draw in color and it looked really cool on the wall. It took a few other walls, but here is a picture:


Here is a close up of the portraits other people drew of me:

While I was modeling the professor pointed out various times to the drawer that I have a very “geometric” face that should be easy to draw (in theory).

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