Intro to Graphic Design: TypeSlice

I have finally broken into the graphic design department! Our first project involved taking two different typefaces and joining them together.

Fun fact:
Typeface = Font name, i.e. Helvetica, Times New Roman, Avenir
Font = Different versions of the same typeface, i.e. bold and italic

However, at this point in time, they are basically interchangeable. We had a certain set of typefaces we could choose from to make our new one. These are the ones I chose:



The point was to choose two typefaces with very different ‘weights.’ This was so a a big difference could be seen in the new letterform. Before we made our new font, we were to choose an oxymoron as the subject of the type. Some examples other students chose include “deafening silence,” “social outcast,” and “true lies.” I came up with “small crowd.”

After we mashed the different typefaces together, we were to find some images to follow a similar process on that related to the oxymoron. It took me a while to come up with something interesting, but eventually everything came together. The images had to work with the type as a unique and engaging composition. Once we settled on a final design, we printed them out as two 11×17 sheets, trimmed the edges, and taped them together. Here’s my design:

typesliceposter 2.jpg

We hung all of our posters on the third floor of brown, the GD department!

Not sure why these look so dark…
No censorship at MICA!
The GD department.

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