Drawing: Large scale figure

This was an “experimental” class, meaning our drawings may not look very finished in the end. We were to bring in large paper and all of our different drawing tools, because we would be drawing the figure at a larger scale than before (36″ x 24″).

The first drawing was started by picking any drawing tool and sketching out the basics. About 5 minutes later, the teacher unexpectedly told us to bring our drawing tool to the person’s easel at our left and continue their drawing. It was difficult to abandon a drawing like that! The prof said we could make the persons drawing better or worse. We did this twice, and then returned to our own drawing. I found mine scribbled all over (similar to the green scribbles you can see at the bottom of the figure) and needed to figure out how to recover or just “go with it.”



The second drawing was a similar process, without switching with a neighbor. I don’t love the end result of either of these, but the class was mostly about trying new things.


This second drawing was ripped clean in half by the wind when I was trying to bring it back to the dorm. Luckily I had already taken this photo… and a kind stranger caught the missing half!

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