Drawing: Project X – Comp. 1

For Drawing II this semester, our homework is a continuing series of projects that build off of one another until the final. The first 2 weeks of homework were sketchbook assignments, and the first formal homework involved taking common themes from your sketchbook drawings and making a composition. My sketchbook featured a lot of “design-y” elements, as well as things from memory. One of the prompts for a sketchbook drawing was a childhood memory, so I drew a scene of playing old Mario games in Nanny’s (Grandma on my Mom’s side) basement. Little did I know I would end up using this as composition 1 for Project X…

Old TV with NES, pastel and charcoal on paper

The full set up.
NES and controller are actual size.

This was another “experimental” piece, and while I don’t love the end result, I like how different it is from everything else I’ve done in drawing. It was fun to make, and the professor complimented me on the “risk” of choosing to do something like this, so I guess it turned out ok!

Composition 2 will build off of elements from our first piece.

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