Elements of Visual Thinking: Monochrome

Our first homework project of the semester in Elements was to create a piece that uses only one color. Elements is a class we take both the first, and second semester of freshman year. The second semester focuses on color theory – how and when to use color effectively.

This project’s guidelines were so simple that the professor didn’t even give us a handout. She just said “a monochromatic piece.” Usually I don’t get ideas for projects very quickly, but the idea for this came to mind almost immediately.

3 Red Cubes, paper


The largest cube features a small light inside to highlight the different values that can be created, even though the paper is the same color.


Now that you’ve seen the fancy documentation, here’s the sculpture being critiqued:



A short video:

I had a lot of fun making this, there was something very meditative about coming up all different types of shapes to put inside and then cutting them out with an x-acto blade/scissors.

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