Elements: Skin

Our second project of the semester for Elements of Visual Thinking was to create a piece that uses only colors found on our skin. That means my skin. The whole basis of the project was to realize how diverse each body is is terms of color. On mine, there are reds, browns, tans, yellows, blues, greens… just to name a few. I wanted to make something that involved Arizona, because the landscape generally contains skin colors.

On the technical side of things, I used acrylic paint and… finger painting! Yes… finger painting in college. Specifically, my finger print. All of this tying together to hold the meaning “skin.”

When it comes to painting, a lot of people find that their palette paper surface (where you mix your paints) is more interesting than the painting! This is usually because it is a very gestural and care-free space, as opposed to the deliberate surface of the canvas. As I was painting, I thought “this would really be interesting if I hung the palette paper underneath of the painting.” At the very last second before going to class, I decided otherwise. Of course, during the critique, I received many comments about how they would like to see the palette paper underneath.

The following week, we had a mid-semester review where we receive our current grade. I had received a B- for this project. Luckily, I brought back in the painting along with the palette paper to re-present it to the professor. In the end, it brought my grade from a B- to and A- !

Superstition Mountains, Acrylic paint and fingerprints




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