Drawing: Scale it Down… and Project X Review

The complete opposite of “scale it up,” we were to make a drawing that is smaller than our hand. This is most likely the last Project X piece that will include a video game aspect. I immediately knew I wanted to make some kind of polaroid reference, but the challenge was what. The umbrella theme for the project was childhood memory of playing video games with the cousins at Nanny’s house, so I decided to try and draw the basement from memory. This presented a challenge, because I had no access to the basement or any reference photos. In the end, piecing memory together became a big part of the piece.

Get ‘Im! , colored pencil and drawing marker, 3.5″ x 2.8″


Using dots to create a drawing is called stippling. A comment I got about this piece is that dots was the perfect thing to use, because while the memory is there in your mind, it is still fuzzy and not complete. I’m sure I forgot a few things and remembered things incorrectly, so I’m interested to see what it actually looks like next time I visit.



This picture has all 4 projects, Comp 1 (bottom left), Comp 2 (top left), Scale it up, and Scale it down (looks tiny compared to scale it up!). We had a large critique of all the pieces and discussed the direction we want to take. In this picture, you can see how the drawings have adapted yet all have some kind of similar aspect. The first was literally the console, what we saw when we played the games. The second went in a more graphic design-y direction, but still included the game with hands now showing. Then you can see the whole person in Scale it up. Finally, all of those elements are tied up nicely in the small polaroid – the console/tv, people, bricks, and memory.

Where to go from here? I don’t want to give away too much yet… but with 6 weeks left in the semester, great things are sure to come. The Project X Finale will include more drawings similar to Scale it down.

In class for the next few weeks, we’ll be completing a hand-drawn animation unrelated to Project X.

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