Art Matters: Final

For our Art Matters (art history) final, we were to create some kind of imaginary interpretive space for the work of art we chose to research at the beginning of the semester. I chose the “We Can Do It!” poster. An interpretive space would be somewhere that it can be presented that gives the viewer as much information and understanding of the work as possible.

So, for “We Can Do It!”, I thought about how the poster was hung in factories for only 2 weeks (as opposed to the common myth that it was used as a way to recruit women to work in factories). Eventually the idea of a fabricated “factory” environment came to mind, as it would be effective to show the real environment the poster was used for. Here’s an illustration I made to represent the idea:


We were also to develop a fancy title page, something that you would probably see on a brochure or sign promoting the exhibit.


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