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MICA Wellness Center

While working at the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Wellness Center, I observed the opportunity to invigorate the tired interior. After pitching my ideas to the dean, I spent three months curating an energetic experience for every member—no longer would the Wellness Center of an art school be a sad sea of gray.

As MICA Wellness is a student-run operation, the key was to create colorful ‘zones’ that would enliven the space without being expensive to implement or difficult to install. I was very inspired by Pentagram’s redesign of Penn Station’s West End Concourse: simply adding color to a relatively drab space made it more pleasant to travel though.

I created a full signage program (within the brand guidelines of the institution) and had each piece professionally printed. My small team then helped me mount the prints on paperboard and carefully cut each one out.

Moments of discovery, like these playful signs mounted on the ceiling beams, gently encourage members and help remind them that the Wellness Center cares.

I also researched, wrote, and designed a short zine to accompany the launch of the reimagined Wellness Center. The book aims to alleviate concerns that might make a student hesitant to visit the gym.

Thank you to Keri Watley, Andrea Alvarado-Sierra, and Summer Howard for their help and enthusiasm over the course of this project!