Selected Work for Ashton Design

Jenny and others,
The following is a selection of my recent work that I’d like you to see in order to consider me for an internship at Ashton. A short description of the work is located under each one, some of which have an external link for a more in-depth description and explanation of process. Thank you for looking!


Colony Collapse Disorder
Short motion graphic documentary created for MICA’s Information Visualization class.


Vintage Orioles Ticket Replica
Commissioned as a wedding gift to an Orioles-loving spouse.





Montréal Conférence Typographique Brand Identity
A brand design concept for MICA’s Typography 1 class. 


Journey to Brown: Information Visualization
For MICA’s Graphic Design 1 course, we generated data based on our commute and created an interesting 18×24 visualization poster.


Vocational School Branding Concept
Print collateral made as a final project in my high school graphic design class.


Incred-a-bowl Rebranding: High School Capstone Project
With art direction from my mentors at Millennium Marketing Solutions, my high school senior capstone project was a comprehensive rebranding of a family fun center. 


System, Process, Context
Curated by MICA Design League, works that highlighted the process behind a project (instead of the finalized piece) were selected to be shown in the Brown Center’s Bronze Gallery. My piece featured early iterations of a poster series and contained countless critique notes and sketches.

Visualizing Stephen King’s The Stand
My first motion piece shows a summary of one of King’s longest books.



I really appreciate you taking the time to look at some of my work. I hope to hear back from you soon! Please feel free to contact me at or 443-820-7001.