Wellness @ MICA

Colorful zones and thoughtful spacial intervention for the Wellness Center of the arts college.
#placemaking #signage

Life at an arts college is full of inspired hustle and bustle, and all too often, physical health is neglected as a result. So to enliven the drab interior of MICA’s student-run Wellness Center and create a sense of destination, its spacial intervention needs to be rendered in uplifting hues and cost-effective materials.

4 of 8 new MICA brand colors were selected to expand out into space and bring life to the Wellness Center. 

A series of colorful panels was produced by mounting inkjet prints to white paperboard.

The panels activate and enliven what is otherwise primarily concrete and drywall.

The visual system extends to an inkjet mural that gives attendies a sense of arrival.

Playful messages and friendly requests are located throughout the Wellness Center.

The restrooms are all single-stall, so the new signs indicate what is inside rather than invoke gender.

Originally lacking any wayfinding at all, the lobby now helps direct visitors to their destination.
Every opportunity to extend the visual system, even humble entraceways like for the Counseling Center.

Welcome to Wellness @ MICA!

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Kevin Guyer ︎ 2023