Kevin Guyer

Rio Lakefront

Strolling, shopping, and dining on the Rio Lakefront boardwalk is fun for all ages, but the recreational area is accessible only by car and fortressed by parking garages. So to create a sense of arrival—even from the road—the environmental graphics system that onboards visitors as they park must begin at the garage and thoughtfully cascade towards the lake.

Paths of arrival.

A new logo was created to heighten the lively spirit of the lakefront destination.
The art direction draws visual cues from the reflective and iridescent forms found along the vibrant boardwalk.

The wave forms found in the logo can be rotated and transformed into directional arrows.

Many of the signs utilize light boxes that maintain a unique visual experience day into night.

Touches of paint in the garage continue the branded experience as visitors are onboarded to the recreational area.

Exiting the garage, a wayfinding system guides visitors to their intended destinations.

Reflective plexiglass mosaics dot the commerce area with a distinct visual personality.

The linework of the mosaics is extended into a suite of illustrations.

“Instagramable moments” were considered a priority because they are both fun to look at and support greater attendence in the long term.
Wayfinding panels are set in a grid system that can easily be rearranged and added to as the life of the commerce center evolves.
Visitors are encouraged to make a memory at every turn.
Custom neon letterforms enliven even the most basic navigational elements.